A Quick Spreadsheets-to-HTML <Table> Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tableizer?

Tableizer lets you copy/paste spreadsheet cells from any spreadsheet software and convert it to an HTML table.

Does Tableizer retain the data I submit?

No. Whatever you submit to the tool is processed and immediately destroyed. Tableizer does not store your submission.

How do I make my table sortable?

I recommend using the Tablesorter jQuery plugin or the DataTables jQuery plugin, though there are other good ones out there.

To use either plugin, upload a copy of the plugin to your own server. Then, link to the script in the <head> area of your site along with a link to a recent version of jQuery.

How do I make my table searchable?

The DataTables jQuery plugin is a good one for this. See above question.

How can I further customize my table?

You can add any custom styles to your table by adding CSS to the <style> area of the code generated by Tableizer. There's a pretty neat table style generator here. There's also a primer on styling tables with CSS.